About This Blog

In early 2017 ACT UP Philadelphia started this blog to focus on access to healthcare (including housing), threatened by the election of President Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress. 

Many of the posts will be written by John S. James, a member of ACT UP Philadelphia. John James founded, edited, and mostly researched and wrote AIDS Treatment News for 20 years, from 1986 to 2007. His posts here do not necessarily represent the positions or views of ACT UP Philadelphia.

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About ACT UP Philadelphia

ACT UP stands for the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power. We are a diverse, non-partisan group, united in anger, and committed to ending the AIDS crisis through direct action. Since its inception, ACT UP has used a diversity of direct action tactics to address social inequities that threaten people living with HIV/AIDS and those at risk of infection, both in Philadelphia and around the world. The AIDS pandemic closely follows the fault lines of broader social injustice. We continue to strive to end the AIDS crisis within the context/ through a lens of ending health disparities that are a clear result of inequality and injustice.

Contact ACT UP Philadelphia

Meetings: We meet at 6pm every Monday night at the Church of St. Luke and the Epiphany, 330 S. 13th Street, Philadelphia.

(Other contact info will be added.)