Secret Republican healthcare bill unleashed

A good place to start in understanding the Republican proposal to "replace" Obamacare, and also ultimately destroy Medicaid, is The New York Times editorial today, We are reading more articles and will publish an annotated list.

Three points the press is not covering enough:

(1) The Republican leadership plan released March 6, the ACHA, American Health Care Act  (not to be confused with the AHA, Affordable Care Act, which is Obamacare) is only a starting point. It will have major changes, almost certainly for the worse.

(2) The ACHA was not designed to work as a healthcare system. Instead it was designed as a political tradeoff between different Republican factions.

(3) All the pet theories and hobbyhorse ideas put together cannot reflect the complexity of the actual healthcare and financial situations of millions of people. All sorts of consequences that no one thought about will pop up.