Dental cavities: new brush-on treatment SDF usually cures them with no drilling or injection

SDF is a new brush-on cavity treatment that kills decay-causing bacteria and can cure most cavities with no drilling - and no injection, since no anesthetic is needed. Cost is minimal, much less than the usual drill-and-fill cavity treatment. SDF is FDA-approved for some uses, and was first available to U.S. dentists in 2015 (but has been used in some countries for decades, for all ages).

The biggest public-health advantage is that each dentist (or dental assistant) can now treat many more patients than before, at greatly reduced cost -- reducing the burden of untreated tooth decay in those who could not pay for dentistry until now.


Tuesdays with Toomey - photos today Feb. 7

Every Tuesday hundreds of people gather outside the office of Republican Senator Pat Toomey in Philadelphia, and more at his other offices around the state - Pennsylvania actions with national relevance According to many reports Toomey is dodging his constituents in Philadelphia at least, with phones unanswered, no office meetings, and no public town-halls meetings; no great surprise since Republicans represent big money, and voters are to be tricked and managed, or ignored if that's not possible. We took these pictures in Philadelphia today (Feb. 7), an ordinary Tuesday.

For more info from social media and the press, search for TuesdaysWithToomey. The Philadelphia protest is at 17th and JFK, starting every Tuesday at 12:20 (20 minutes after noon so that downtown workers can get there on their lunch break). Many of these people had never been to a demonstration before the Trump presidency.