24-Hour Healthcare Vigil today-tomorrow in Philadelphia - photos

Moral Mondays organizer Rev.William Barber (in the black and purple vestment) addressed the opening rally of the 24-hour vigil, at about 4:30 PM today at Senator Toomey's office in downtown Philadelphia.

Toomey is one of the Republican senators who secretly drafted the AHCA, the "Trumpcare" Senate version released today. It is designed to slash Medicaid, and also greatly reduce healthcare for middle-class patients who are considered expensive - those who are older, or have  pre-existing conditions. The money "saved" at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives will be used for tax breaks for rich individuals and corporations.

One of the speakers noted that the retired Senate historian recently said that the Senate has never drafted a major bill like this in secrecy, since before World War I (

Now the Republican leadership will try to pass this bill in a few days, to make it a done deal before the July 4 recess.


OK to re-post these photos.