2017-01-31 - Experts tell how to make Congress listen

More than 30 progressive staffers who worked for members of Congress contributed to a 26-page report on how to work in small, local groups to make your 3 Congressional representatives more responsive to what you need and want. They know what matters to senators and representatives, and how to get them to listen. See

Their strategy is based on that of the Tea Party, which unfortunately was successful in fighting Obama's agenda. The Tea Party succeeded in spite of the fact that it was fighting a much more popular president than we have today, who also had much larger Congressional majorities. The Tea Party defeated not only Democrats, but even important Republicans who were not fanatic enough. It worked because enough people cared. And people care today.

The report is called Indivisible, subtitled A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda. You can read it online or download a copy at

You can also use that website to help you find or start a local group. All the information is currently available in English and Spanish.