Air pollution may contribute greatly to dementia

"Residing in places with fine PM (particulate matter) exceeding EPA standards increased the risks for global cognitive decline and all-cause dementia respectively by 81 and 92%," according to a major study of over 3,600 older American women, all of whom started the study without dementia. And women with a gene that causes a higher risk of Alzheimer's were almost three times as likely to develop dementia if they lived in a higher-pollution area, compared to women with the same gene in areas with low air pollution.

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Comment: we checked global air pollution maps at and found that the U.S. is doing surprisingly well among industrialized countries, even in most urban areas such as New York City. Much of China is very bad, with 10 or more times the average U.S. air pollution. Many places  in Mexico, Eastern Europe, and elsewhere are similarly bad.  We suggest checking air-pollution maps before planning extensive trips abroad.

This U.S. success is not an accident, but is due to the Clean Air Act and the EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency). Today all three branches of government are controlled by a political party that is an enemy of both. China shows what happens when you let industry use the Earth's atmosphere as a free, unlimited hazardous-waste dump.